Five album pages from Antoine-Louis Polier collection, Pierre Bergé, 9 June 2011, lot 38-42

In collaboration with Marie-Christine David


Women in a garden, Awadh, around 1780. Pierre Bergé, 9 June 2011, lot 41

These five pages were produced for the Swiss Antoine-Louis Polier, (1741-1780) settled in Faizabad during the reign of Shuja ud-Dawla (1753-1775). They are easily identifiable by their size, 45,7×61,7cm, but also their decorative margins covered of flowers and surrounded by a double dark-blue border.

Two paintings are signed by Muhammad Yusuf Khan, while three calligraphies on the back are signed and dated by Muhammad ‘Ali and one by Muhammad Ibrahim.

The catalogue entries (in French) can be downloaded here.


Calligraphic panels, Pierre Bergé, 9 June 2011, lot 42b.