Cornucopia Association

Since 2013, I have been involved in the Association Cornucopia as member of scientific counsel and administrative counsel.

The association is dedicated to interdisciplinary studies on the 16th century. It organises seminars and symposiums on a variety of subjects and publishes twice a year the peer-reviewed journal Le Verger.

From January to March 2015, I organised a monthly seminar on the theme: “Hunting during the Renaissance“;

From November to December 2015, I co-organized a monthly seminar on the theme: “Witchcraft during the Reformation“;

In June 2016, I co-organized a workshop in the Chantilly Castle on “Time and Spaces of Travel during the Renaissance“. The proceedings of this event have then been published in issue 12 of Le VergerTemps et espaces du voyage à la Renaissance” (Oct. 2017).

In September 2015, I co-edited issue 8 of Le Verger on the theme: “Exoticism during the Renaissance“, in which I also published a paper.

In February 2021, I co-edited issue 21 of Le Verger on the theme: “The world of Printing, 1470-1680“.