Volume 1, April 2019

Slow Art, a Movement

Considered is a paper magazine dedicated to sustainability and mindful lifestyle.

For the first issue, I was given the challenge to link these topics to art. I based my article on the concept of Slow Art, created in 1994 by a collective of artists gathered for the exhibition Pro-Creation? in Fribourg.

Inspiration cannot be restraint to imposed standards and needs to grow
according to its natural rhythm.

Expending this initial statement, the aim of this article is to question the current economical approach of museums and galleries.

In a world where convenient consumerism has been imposed as the norm, where does art find its place? The presence of a Starbucks Coffee shop in the Louvre museum’s entrance gives a sad answer. However, in the same way that food, travel and fashion are now having their “slow” movements, the multiple actors of art are too coming to the realisation that it is time to slow down and rethink the current model.

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