Introduction to Art Law with Alexander Herman

In today’s episode, we take a step aside from Islamic & Indian art history to welcome Alexander Herman, director of the Institute of Art & Law in London. Alexander is specialised in the complex legislation of art and cultural heritage, and has recently published The Parthenon Marbles dispute: Heritage, Law, Politics (Hart/ Bloomsbury). In the episode, he offers the most valuable and comprehensive introduction to cultural heritage and provenance laws, which are an integral part of the Islamic art market today. He talks about his investigation in the dispute surrounding the Parthenon marbles, as well as several high profile cases involving art pieces, protection of cultural heritage and how to make sure the art you buy is legal and protected.

To be noted that a discussion on The Parthenon Marbles dispute: Heritage, Law, Politics will be held on the 7th December at Fladgate LLP in London.

Mentioned in the Episode and Further Links

Reproductions of Artworks discussed in the Episode (click on the images to see more information)

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