Isabelle Imbert Ph.D.

Islamic Arts Historian


Welcome to, home of Isabelle Imbert Ph.D. and the ‘ART Informant’ podcast.

Isabelle Imbert is an Islamic Art specialist with over 10 years’ experience working with the best clients and institutions in the industry. She is known as a Researcher, Teacher, Writer, Art Market Expert and Speaker, as well as host of the newly formed ‘ART Informant’ podcast.

Her unique knowledge in both the Art Market and the Academic world allows her to demonstrate her passion for all things related to Islamic Art History, and bringing people together to talk about the beautiful world of Islamic Arts.

You can look at her blog, work, services and listen to the ‘ART Informant’ podcast. You can also read her interview for Bayt al-Fann. For any business inquiries, get in touch.

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