Islamic and Indian Arms and Armours with Rachel Parikh

This episode is part 2 of the interview with Dr Rachel Parikh, doctor in Islamic and Indian art history and curator specialised in arms and armours. In Part 1, her and the host, Dr Isabelle Imbert talked about her career as an art historian, her research on the Falnama manuscript in the Khalili collection, and her shift to curating. In this episode, they continue their conversation and focus on arms and armours of the Islamic and South-Asian lands. This is a very large field of inquiry, with few specialists and many unknowns, so Rachel was the perfect guest to talk about it and share her passion.

Trigger warning: this episode contains mentions to killing and certain details regarding executions. 

Mentioned in the Episode and Further Links

Reproductions of Artworks discussed in the Episode (click on the images to see more information)