Islamic Week, Autumn 2023: Islamic, and many Indian Paintings

  • Sotheby’s 18th to 27th October, online: “The Edith & Stuart Cary Welch Collection”, 260 lots
  • Sotheby’s 25th October, AM: “The Edith & Stuart Cary Welch Collection”, 130 lots
  • Sotheby’s 25th October, PM: “Art of the Islamic World & India”, 157 lots
  • Christie’s 26th October, “Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds including Rugs and Carpets”, 215 lots
  • Christie’s 27th October, “An Eye Enchanted: Indian Paintings from the Collection of Toby Falk”, 152 lots
  • Roseberys 30th October: “Antiquities, Islamic & Indian Arts”, 542 lots (including 67 antiquities and 21 contemporary)
  • Chiswick 31st October, AM: “Property of a European Collector, part VI”, 84 lots
  • Chiswick 31st October, PM: “Islamic & Indian arts”, 354 lots
Nushaba recognises Alexander, Persia, 15th c, Christie’s 26/10, lot 57
Tinted drawing, Benares, c. 1880, Chiswick 31/10, lot 108

Beautiful Objects and Hefty Prices

Safavid Qur’an, 983H/ 1575-76, Sotheby’s 25/10, lot 21 (detail)
Safavid gold-damascened iron finial, Roseberys 30/10, lot 374

Building on Success

10th c. Qur’an, Sotheby’s 25/10, lot 11 (detail)
Tipu Sultan’s sword, Christie’s 26/10, lot 100
Biblical manuscript, 17th c., Roseberys 30/10, lot 135

India in the spotlight

Abu’l Hasan Asaf Khan, c. 1615, Christie’s 26/10, lot 5

My Top 5

  • Roseberys, lot 500: A picchvai of Krishna fluting among rising lotus flowers, India, mid-20th century. This is the cutest wall-hanging I have ever seen, that is it.
  • Sotheby’s, E&SCW Collection, lot 77: Anonymous, “Whose Sleeves? (Tagasode)”, Momoyama-Edo Period, late 16th-early 17th century. Not Islamic but I adore these Japanese painted folding screens. I posted a different one on Instagram last year and I’m excited to see this one!
  • Christie’s, lot 50: A Hispano-moresque carved and bone-inlaid cabinet, Spain, 16th/17th c. My love for architectural cabinets will live forever.
  • Chiswick, lot 283: A Safavid tile mosaic with yellow peacock, 17th c. Collecting architectural ceramic goes against my principles, however I really love this production of Safavid architectural mosaic, they are so lively and colourful.
  • Christie’s, TF collection, lot 9: A peri in a garden, Mughal India, 16th c. The fineness of this depiction is absolutely striking.
A picchvai of Krishna fluting, India, mid-20th c. Roseberys 30/10/23, lot 500 (detail)

  1. Thank you to the Artcurial team for confirming this information, including the fact that the provenance of the page sold at Plakas is not the same as the rest of the manuscript.
  2. According to M. Meinecke (1972), quoted by Julia Gonnella on Museum with no Frontiers, 47 amirs of the late Burji period used this particular blazon.

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